Upgrading Your Wardrobe with Lace-Up Shoes

If you want to be the best-dressed man in the room, it takes more than just a knowledge of high-quality clothing. You will have to master the art of choosing footwear as well. After all, a fine custom-made suit can end up falling flat if you don’t have the right shoes to compliment it. The style experts at Ventresca Ltd. would like to tell you more about lace-up shoes and which ones you should choose for your next event.

Shoes for Formal Wear

A well-made dress shoe can complement a range of styles, from tuxedos to business casual. The one you choose depends on many factors, from the color and style of your suit to your own personal preferences. In general, there are two types of lace-up dress shoes to choose from:  open-laced and closed-laced. In a closed-laced shoe, the quarter (the rear part of the shoe)is sewn on top of the vamp (the front part of the shoe) for a cleaner look. In an open-laced shoe, the vamp is stitched on top of the quarter.

It might not seem like a huge difference, but closed-laced shoes have a cleaner, simpler look. As such, they are considered the more formal of the two options. You will want to reserve your closed-laced shoes for formal events, weddings, etc., while an open-laced shoe is more versatile. You could wear an open-laced shoe every day at the office, on casual Friday, or even with a pair of jeans when you’re going out for the evening.

At Ventresca Ltd., we offer a range of dress and business casual shoes for men from all the most well-known international brands. Try a closed-laced classic leather Oxford from G. Brown or Johnston & Murphy for formal events, or an open-laced brogue from Magnanni for mens business casual attire in Bucks County.

Shoes for Casual Wear

When it comes to casual wear, you have a lot more options in lace-up shoes. You might choose to wear an understated leather shoe or boot with jeans and a blazer. You may also want to go for a splash of color and choose a pair of upscale sneakers that compliment your belt. Choosing a casual shoe for your outfit has a lot more unwritten rules than formal shoes, so the best thing to do is speak to the stylists at Ventresca Ltd. for the right advice.

For business casual, some offices may allow a dressy sneaker or even a casual leather boot. In that case, our selection of lace-up shoes from Johnston & Murphy or G. Brown would be perfect. If you’re spending a night out, any of our upscale sneaker brands will make you stand out from the crowd. We even offer casual beachwear shoes from brands like Swims and OluKai.

Men’s Shoes in Bucks County

While loafers and slip-ons have become more prevalent in recent years, lace-up shoes will always be the standard. Ventresca Ltd. has all the styles you need, and because of our high-quality construction, we’re also a great value. Come see us at our store in historic Doylestown Bucks County for casual and dress shoes in Doylestown or anywhere else nearby.

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Upgrading Your Wardrobe with Lace-Up Shoes