Men’s Styles for the Transition from Summer to Fall

For the most stylish men in the Philadelphia area, transitional seasons can be tricky. Choosing a wardrobe for a single season is difficult enough when the weather is fairly consistent, let alone during a transition between hot weather and cooler days ahead. What’s a man to do when he could be confronted with hot, humid days, chilly nights, and the occasional afternoon rainstorm? The style experts at Ventresca Ltd. in Doylestown, PA are here to help you choose some outfits that will be suitable for anything that comes your way as we transition from Summer to Fall.

Staple Items

T-shirts are a good choice for any time of year, but now you will need to find a way to stay warm in the evenings, especially if you have some all-day affairs planned in the near future. We suggest selecting a few staple items that can be layered over your t-shirt. A long-sleeved Henley is another great option for layering. It’s a timeless casual look that you can easily dress up by pairing it with a jacket.

Light Jackets

Speaking of jackets, they can be perfect for less casual events on cooler days. For the Summer/Fall transition, we recommend a transitional weight jacket. These are ideal for cool-to-warm and warm-to-cool weather conditions we experience in the Fall and Spring. Also ideal for travel, transitional weight jackets are great to pack for cool Florida or Arizona nights. 

Shorts or Long Pants?

Although the evenings are getting cooler, you don’t have to put your collection of shorts away just yet. By layering, you can stay cool during the day without having to shiver once the sun goes down. The Henley we mentioned above will still look great with a pair of Bermuda shorts. Of course, if you’re willing to endure a bit of discomfort during the day, a pair of dark, slim-fit jeans pairs perfectly with nearly any type of late-summer top.

Men’s Clothing Store in Bucks County

Men in the Delaware Valley have turned to Ventresca Ltd. for style advice and the finest brand-name and custom clothing for more than 40 years. When you shop with us, you will be getting more than just the best men’s clothing; you will be getting a superior shopping experience and a value that those strip mall men’s clothing stores can’t provide. 

If you are having trouble putting together a wardrobe for the late Summer/early Fall season, we can help! Come see us at our store in historic Doylestown, Bucks County to speak with a style expert about the latest trends and timeless looks. We have everything you need, from the top international designers to custom-tailored garments. We can even help you with suit rental in Doylestown and surrounding communities!

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Men’s Styles for the Transition from Summer to Fall